week numero uno

BEK JobSo, I’ve been at the new gig for a week now. I’m gonna be honest and say that the jury is still out as to whether I made the right move or not. But I know I can’t make that call based on one week so we’ll see what time brings. The main issue this week has been severe boredom, to put it bluntly. And I may be jinxing myself by even saying that. Ha.

Its funny when you know that you want to do something creative and/or socially beneficial but aren’t sure how to get there. I did apply for what felt like something that could potentially be my dream job (if I even know what that is, which I don’t) and didn’t get a call. So part of me thinks I settled for lack of knowing what else to do. It was the easy choice, well within the comfort zone and all that. Sigh.

I do know this…if I’m not ok with the current situation in a few months or however long seems reasonable, I will keep searching. I am too old and have too much hindsight to stay in a situation that isn’t right or that I don’t feel good about. So that gives me some peace of mind. Part of me feels like such a spoiled brat even writing this. Whatever.

Anyway, its too early to tell, but stay tuned.


I say “Ninja Turtle” three times in this post

IMG_20140322_172845_270bI got the office cleaned out and goodbyes said on Thursday. I’m more excited than nervous about Monday. I mean, what can I possibly mess up on the first day? The first week even? I’m probably tempting the new gig gods by saying that. I still need to figure out what I’m going to wear…and find my ID badge…and color my hair…and stop thinking…

It’s been a productive weekend otherwise as well and its only Saturday. Only continue reading if you have time on your hands and perhaps no life of your own. Deep breath and here we go….

Got the car through emissions testing, tags renewed, laundry caught up, walked a couple of miles, purchased a water softener, went out to eat, fell asleep with kiddo while watching Dumbo…Today was a trip to Toys “R” Us with the kiddo to wander the aisles of ninjas, superheros, Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles to find the perfect yet inexpensive birthday gift for one of kiddo’s classmates. We ended up with a Ninja Turtle (Raphael, I believe) and a Cars book/cd thing. Kids are so easy to please at this age. We also left the store with a coveted copy of Frozen which kiddo had to watch immediately on the car DVD player and then when we got home. Decorate a birthday card for 6 year old boy, bag the Ninja Turtle and head to the party at local trampoline place. Endure two hours of screaming, bouncing kids on trampolines, swinging from ropes and jumping into foam block pits…then pizza and cake (for kids only apparently…I looked on and quelled tummy growls and salivated), then mass chaos while birthday boy opened presents. Home for momma to eat leftovers while kiddo and The Accountant went on a short motorcycle ride. And now we are on our second home viewing of Frozen.

All of this because while life is sometimes maddeningly ordinary, it is also fabulous and well, some people are worth melting for.


new chapter

I received the official job offer letter today and it’s all ready to sign and send back in the morning. Monday will be my first day and I’m pretty excited. The location is as good as it gets in the heart of a happening area of town, above retail space and right across from my favorite park. Parking is attached so no more long walks from garage to office in bad weather. Of course, these logistical things are secondary to the actual job duties but I have to admit that they are big perks to me.

I need to finish cleaning out my old office tomorrow (er, today) and Thursday. I have moved offices more times than I can count over the last couple of years and I’m ready for some permanence, even if it will be to a cubicle. There will also be some “goodbye” lunches, always the hardest part of this kind of change.

So…new chapter. Bring it on.

Family Hike Saturday

Maps and SignsI deemed today “family day” and made the proclamation that we were all going for a hike and a picnic. Momma had spoken and there would be no arguing. And so, we took off to a local park that I didn’t even know HAD hiking trails until an acquaintance enlightened me.

As this was a family hike, no trail records were broken and I’m happy to report that neither were any bones, although kiddo fell a couple of times but recovered after only a few tears. I only twisted my ankle three times and stumbled about ten. I am a dorky hiker. Winning. Oh, and in a ridiculous moment of nature euphoria/madness, I think I heard myself agree to a family hiking/camping trip in the near future. All those chirping birds addled my brain or something.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure, as well as some links to people who actually know what they are doing who have also hiked these trails.

All in all, a very fun day and I think we’ll be back here.

The Trail

Beware Kid Hiking